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In 2001, Tayarta L. Brown graduated from Tougaloo College, a prestigious liberal arts college in Jackson, Mississippi. There, she received a Bachelor's of Arts degree in English. In 2004, Ms. Brown received a Juris Doctor (JD) degree from the University of Mississippi School of Law in Oxford, Mississippi.  ​

Ms. Brown's legal career patterns her successful educational path. Known as an experienced and compassionate lawyer, Ms. Brown has effectively served numerous clients since 2010.

Ms. Brown is often acknowledged for her zealous advocacy and consistent communication. Ms. Brown attributes some of the Firm's success to her ability to carefully explain complex information, orderly and clearly. Also, Ms. Brown explains legal processes and next steps to her clients to empower them to assist with obtaining the right resolution. Effective, dependable, and intentional, Ms. Brown provides focused attention to each case, whether new or old, to achieve the right results.  

The Law Office of TL Brown, PLLC's work exemplifies its commitment to thorough legal analysis and right outcomes, which embody the Firm's talented tradition.

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